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Attract right customers with digital ads and retain them with Dochase chatbots. Engage new and existing customers on whatsapp, SMS, social media and mobile.

Our customers achived over 300% increase in user engagements when they combined Dochase engagements with digital advertising campaigns. Use cases including product displays, order notifications, user engagements, payment and lead generation for businesses in retail, e-commerce, consumer goods, fintech and lots more. Our chatbots can be deployed on WhatsApp, websites, social media and apps.

AI Chatbots

Deploy chatbots to interact with your customers on whatsapp and web. Display products, interact with customers, take orders, make booking, take payments and verify transaction with our AI powered chatbot. Its very simple: Choose a bot usecase, choose advert budget, deploy ads with links to chatbots and watch your business scale.

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Attract right customers with relevant adverts accross the internet.
Combine our suite of Display ads, to bring in the right customers from apps, social media and mobile. Drive result for:

  • App installation,
  • Awareness,
  • Rich Media

User Engagement

Engage customers on multiple channels: SMS, voice email, WhatsApp, etc.
Create custom messages, transaction notifications, user authentication, order notification, booking, that connect with customers everywhere they want from one powerful platform.



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